Best Resources For NEET SS Anaesthesia Preparation: List of must-know Topics.

NEET SS anaesthesia preparation is without a doubt a daunting task for one too many reasons.
Anaesthesia is one of the most demanding superspeciality fields. As demanding as the branch is, it requires equally demanding efforts from someone preparing for a superspeciality in anaesthesia.
The syllabus is massive!! And when we say massive, we mean it!
Considering the role shouldered by an anesthesiologist, it not just requires but demands a substantial amount of expertise.
“So you might wonder if it is possible to get the results that you desire?”
Indeed you can! With a bit of smart work & dedication, you can undoubtedly obtain the results that you want.
But how so?
In this article, we have prepared a complete checklist of resources to employ for anaesthesia superspeciality exams. Read up to find out!

Anaesthesia superspeciality exams

Anaesthesia superspeciality exams are very practical and clinical practice-oriented.
To get the best possible results in these exams, you need to have a sound understanding of the regular practices.
Not just that, you need to have a firm grasp on anaesthetic concepts that you utilize routinely as an anesthesiologist.

NEET SS anaesthesia books & resources

To get that coveted DM Anesthesia seat, you need to master a host of resources.
As far as the general principles of anaesthesia are concerned, the go-to book for any PG level exit exam in Anaesthesia is the latest edition of Miller’s Anaesthesia.
Therefore to gain an upper hand in anaesthesia exams, it is crucial to have the concepts in Miller’s Anaesthesia covered and revised before your exams.
If you are pursuing your post-graduation right now, it is always prudent to regularly start devoting your time to reading Miller’s as much as possible.
As far as subspecialties in Anaesthesia are concerned, the most sought after subspecialties are Cardiac anaesthesia, Neuro anaesthesia followed by organ transplant anaesthesia and critical care.
Even if you are preparing for these exams separately, you still have a substantial amount of questions from the General principles of anaesthesia.
This makes it important for aspirants to be aware of the core concepts of the field.
Apart from this, a few questions do pop out from basic sciences and specialities. To tackle them, you need to refer to a few books like:

Book Name

Author Name

Chestnut’s Obstetric Anaesthesia: Principles and Practice

By David H Chestnut

Smith’s Anaesthesia for Infants and Children

By Drs. Peter Davis and Franklyn Cladis

Hensley’s Practical approach to Cardiac anesthesia

By Glenn P. Gravlee

Cottrell and Patel’s Neuroanesthesia

By James E Cottrell & Piyush Patel

Benumoff and Hagberg’s Airway Management

By Carin A. Hagberg

Apart from these resources, a few other topics such as pain medicine and intensive care need to be focused upon.

Surgtest SS anaesthesia preparation:

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