6 Must-Follow Tips for Choosing the Best Platform for NEET SS Preparation

Has starting another gruelling round of preparation sent you down the rabbit hole to search for the Best app for your NEET SS preparation?
The flood of all the available apps in the market has only added to the confusion of aspirants on how to choose the best course for themselves. One is likely to be overwhelmed with a multitude of choices.
Due to the vast syllabus, one has to deal with, it becomes absolutely necessary to get all the help one can.
After choosing the branch one desires, it’s equally important to emphasize choosing the right platform. As you’ll be spending a lot of time, energy & money on your preparation.
You cannot afford to take the risk of choosing the wrong platform.
“So the big question here is what to choose when one has to choose?”
In this blog, we are going to focus on some issues that aspirants face while choosing the right platform for them & provide some pointers on how to choose the right one for themselves.
Let’s start with what to look out for while choosing the best platform for you.

Choosing Best App for NEET SS Preparation

#1 The Right Teaching Method:

The first problem while starting preparation for NEET SS that many aspirants face is not knowing the right teaching method for them!
The points you should keep in mind while choosing the right platform are:
One’s approach to learning can make or break a deal.
Most people are aware of the fact but fail to pertain to this while choosing the right platform for themselves. Each of us has different methods of learning, memorizing & retaining information.
Therefore, while choosing a course for your NEET SS preparation, it’s important to pay attention to what works best for you.

#2 Ease of use

Another factor to look out for while choosing a platform is the ease of use of the app.
Whatever platform you choose for your superspeciality preparation course in India, the salient features that you should look out for are:
The presence of all these features can make your learning experience more focused & impactful.

#3 Know what you're getting into:

This refers to an engaging learning experience. While choosing the best preparation course online, it is crucial to understand
A common mistake medical students make while preparing for the NEET SS, or INI SS exam is trying to memorize concepts instead of understanding them.
Stuffing your brain with every factoid & heaps of information is not going to get you where you want.
Therefore, while choosing a platform for your preparation it’s necessary to keep in mind the above points.

#4 Keep it all connected!

While preparing for exams, most aspirants fail to integrate the things they are learning & feed their brains isolated facts.
This not only lowers your understanding of subjects but makes it hard for you to remember things for a long time.
Much of it is due to the platform one is utilizing that fails to link the information being provided.
A good platform employs an integrative approach in their course material to try and integrate the subjects as much as possible.
Instead of isolating each concept, it focuses on correlating with other subjects.
Integrating your understanding of subjects will help you further analyze as well as understand more complex topics. This leads to improvements in your preparation by heaps & bounds & also helps your further practice

#5 Underestimating the power of active learning!

Another major blunder students commit when preparing for exams is spending a lot of their time on passive learning –i.e. reading learning material, notes, and watching lectures. Which is all good for retaining information.
But to retrieve information from your brain & apply it in MCQ based exams you need a different approach.
Which requires spending less time on passive learning and focusing more on practical assessment techniques that involve: practice tests & MCQs.
This is termed active learning.
Multiple-choice questions are a quick way to assess your understanding of concepts of any topic or subject.
All the superspeciality exams are objective-based. Be it NEET SS, AIIMS SS, INI SS & so on!
Cracking these exams requires you to utilize your brain in different ways than you’d normally do in any of your other exams which are mostly subjective.
MCQs test analytical skills where students must skillfully eliminate wrong options.
The questions can be constructed to be deliberately confusing which requires utmost concept clarity.
While choosing the best app for NEET SS preparation, it is important that the app not only provides MCQ banks for practice but the quality of questions should be at par & in fact higher than the ones that come in these exams.
Because remember:
“In the thick of battle, you don’t rise to the level of your expectations but fall to the level of your training.”
A lot of effort goes behind being effortless. The more you train your brain at a difficult level, the easier it will be for you to clear the exam effortlessly.

#6 Analytics & Reviews:

One common blunder that most aspirants commit is to focus all their energy on learning.
In the process, they ignore keeping an eye on the level of their preparation which keeps them shielded from the level of competition.
While preparing, it’s necessary to have a platform that provides you with personalized as well as comparative analytics so that you can monitor your growth.
In the absence of which, after hitting a certain level your performance stagnates. Secondly, it’s necessary to go through all the reviews of the app that you’re choosing.
What this does is, familiarize you with the experience of existing & past users.
Based on the real experience of users you can have an idea of what all to expect from the platform that you’re choosing. This helps you weed out subpar courses from the truly good ones.

Surgtest app for NEET SS preparation:

Surgtest offers 15+ courses for preparation for various exams like NEET SS, INI SS, AIIMS SS & so on.
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We pride ourselves on being a part of many such success stories.
Although all of the points listed above are vital to keeping in mind while choosing a course, the choice of detail you want to focus on is entirely your preference.
We hope this listicle will help you make the best choice for yourself.
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