NEET SS 2022 Preparation Strategy - How To Prepare For The Latest NEET SS Exam Pattern

NEET SS is certainly a tough nut to crack, but with these exclusive NEET SS preparation strategies, it doesn’t have to be! The new updated pattern might surely have added to the difficulty, but we are here to make this preparation journey smooth sailing for you.
While preparing for NEET SS 2022, it is important to keep in mind the latest NEET SS pattern update.
If you are new to preparing for NEET SS Exam 2022, this should determine your strategy from the get-go. However, if you have already given the exam once, you must rework & revise your strategy to get the Best results
Read up to find out how to tackle the change in the Latest NEET SS pattern and clear shot tips for NEET SS preparations.
To watch Dr Vinayak Rengan explain the NEET SS pattern change and preparation strategy, watch the video here.

NEET SS 2022

NEET-SS is a Single window entrance examination conducted by NBE for admission to DM/MCh and (Post MD/MS/DNB) DNB Superspeciality Courses all over India.
The exam is conducted annually in CBT mode.
  • Candidates who have recognized postgraduate Medical Degree/Provisional Pass Certificate (MD/MS/DNB).
  • An equivalent recognized qualification or likely to have the same by 30th November 2021 by eligible feeder speciality qualifications for super speciality courses.

New NEET SS Pattern: Not so new!

When NEET SS was introduced back in 2017, it followed the same structure as the presently termed new pattern. But how is it different?
The fundamental difference lies basically in the type, number of questions and the duration of the exam.
Accordingly, for the changed pattern, a candidate has to attempt a total of 150 MCQ questions in 150 minutes. The level of the exam will be at the PG exit level.
There are a total of 13 primary eligible feeder specialities that entails super specialities clubbed under them.
The questions will be from the primary eligible feeder speciality group & clinically oriented.
Superspeciality questions will be at the PG level.

NEET SS Exam Pattern 2022

Here’s an overview of the updated NEET SS 2022 exam pattern:

Latest NEET SS Marking scheme

NEET SS Preparation Tips: Step-by-step strategy for maximum impact

This year the NEET SS exam is expected to be held in June, with mere 4-5 months left to prepare for the new pattern. It’s high time to scale up your NEET SS 2022 preparations.
Now if you are new to this, you’re indeed confused about how to go about starting the preparation from scratch OR you have started your NEET SS preparations, but you feel something’s lacking. Well! Worry not. This is where Surgtest comes in.
For the upcoming NEET SS examination, the pattern is going to change dramatically incorporating general surgery in its entirety, but we at Surgtest make it easier for you.
Here are the strategies to employ Surgtest for the maximum outcome of your NEET SS preparation:

#1 Watch & Learn from our best in class online resources:

Surgtest provides courses with in-depth video lecture series on all the topics incorporated in the exam.
One way to score maximum is to get intense with videos.
Try to watch every video to get your concepts right.
If you’re short on time or want to revise, it is advisable to watch the videos at 1.5x speed and be thorough with all the slides at least 2-3 times.

#2 Analyze your NEET SS preparation progress:

Once you have watched the video with utmost focus, move on to solving MCQs based on the topic.
After you have solved the MCQs, analyze your progress along with your shortcomings and weak areas. Try to hone that area by repetition and going back to read the explanation in detail.

#3 Do not shy away with filters!!

At Surgtest, we have a diverse range of filters for our student’s absolute value. You can revisit the questions you have bookmarked, incorrectly marked answers, unattempted answers, just to name a few
Review the questions as many times as you can to instil the concepts better.

#4 Mock tests:

Once you feel sufficiently prepared, it is crucial to attempt as many mock tests.
Give mock tests and analyze where you stand in regards to your performance with fellow competitors.
This is a crucial step to get an insight into adjusting your preparation strategy to get better results.

#5 Employ the right resources for NEET SS 2022 preparation :

Without proper resources, the chances of acing the exam are next to impossible.
For Surgery: Bailey & Love is the core of preparation and you must devote a good amount of time reading it every day, followed by solving MCQs.
Sabiston & Schwartz are standard books that are important from an examination point of view for NEET SS. But it is important to employ selective reading while reading this book.
For general medicine DM specialities, Harrison 21st Edition is the holy grail.

#6 Reverse strategy when you're short on time!

Our doctors, for whom putting in long hours for preparations is next to impossible, it is advisable to adopt the reverse strategy.
  • For this first, attempt the questions of each chapter in the Surgtest app.
  • After that, move on to reading the explanations for all the answers in detail.
  • Read up on the references provided for each question in the app.
  • This will give you the maximum yield of the time you put in while preparing.

#7 Set ideal targets:

It is crucial to realistically plan your study schedule. The best way to stick to a schedule is to simplify it as much as you can, Do not try to overreach while making a schedule as that’ll only make it hard for you to stick to it followed by a lack of motivation due to lagging.
Once you have set the target, it is important to be consistent.

#8 Discuss whenever you can to Boost your preparation process:

To boost your understanding, participate in discussion groups.
Discuss with your peers whatever you learned in a day. It helps solidify concepts better for a better understanding of topics.
For that reason, Surgtest provides its students with an exclusive discussion group where they can post queries and get their doubts clarified easily anytime by our faculty itself.
Finally, here is what some of our students who have emerged as top rankers in AIIMS SS and NEET SS examinations have to say about us.
Dr Debalina Karmakar who ranked #7 in INI SS 2021 and #8 in AIIMS SS 2021 recommends Surgtest as a “must-have app for the aspirants”.
NEET SS 2022 Preparation
With our video lecture series, live courses and high yield MCQ banks, we provide you with top-notch NEET SS online resources.
We leave no stone unturned to get you the best results that you could wish for.
All you have to do is Download the Surgtest app and register for the course you want.
The app is available for Android and iOS, so you can practice anytime, anywhere.
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