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Dear Doctor,

It is an honour for us to collaborate with the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction(AWR) Surgeons’ Community in bringing to your attention the upcoming event ‘AWR Deep Impact’ at New Delhi in March 2023.
The conference will feature prolific national and international surgeons along with the opportunity to take up courses on the latest cutting edge technology.
Early bird registrations for Deep Impact will end on the 15th of Nov, 2022. If spots are available after, enrolments will continue to be open, but with a staggered increase in the cost of attendance each month.
In consideration of your student status, the AWR Surgeons’ Community has offered an exclusive discount on the cost of conference enrolment through Surgtest. We hope that you will attend the conference and nurture your enthusiasm, knowledge and skills in hernia surgery.
Wishing you the best of life,
Suprabha Hosamane


    A 3 day conference designed to have a deep impact on your career as an AWR Surgeon

    • Adarsh Chaudhary - Patron
    • B Ramana - President
    • Arun Prasad - Organizing Chairman
    • Pawanindra Lal - Organizing Co-Chairman
    • Vivek Bindal - Organizing Secretary
    • Abhishek Tiwari - Director, Operations
    • Dhananjay Pandey - Co-Director, Operations
    • Ramesh Punjani - Chair, Corporate
    • Pramod Shinde - Scientific Chair
    • Jignesh Gandhi - Chair, MedEd
    • Rahul Mahadar - National Coordinator
    • Rajesh Shrivastava - National Coordinator
    • Sharad Sharma - Chairman, Courses
    • Roy Patankar - Co-Chair, Courses
    • Sudhir Kalhan - Co-Chair, Corporate
    • Mukund Khetan - Treasurer
    • Meenakshi Sharma - Chair, Hospitality
    • Aparna Deshpande - Chair, AWR Women
    • Suviraj John - Supervisor, Operative Workshops
    • Vinod Jangra - Supervisor, Transmissions
    • Brij Bhushan Banga - Director, NZ
    • Dinesh Kadam - Co-Director, NZ
    • Keyur Yagnik - Director, WZ
    • Sreejoy Patnaik - Director, EZ
    • Deepak Subramanian - Director, SZ
    • M Kanagavel - Coordinator, SZ
    • Premkumar Balachandran - Coordinator, SZ
    • Piyush Patwa - Coordinator, SZ
    • Somyaa Khuller - Coordinator, SZ
    • Rakesh Mohan Khattar - Coordinator, NZ
    • Anupam Goel - Coordinator, NZ
    • RK Chrungoo - Coordinator, NZ
    • Anubhav Vindal - Coordinator, NZ
    • Rajdeep Singh - Coordinator, NZ
    • Vikas Singhal - Coordinator, NZ
    • Ravinder Singh Malhotra - Coordinator, NZ
    • Ved Prakash - Coordinator, NZ
    • Vivek Gupta - Coordinator, NZ
    • Vinayak Mishra - Coordinator, NZ
    • Abhimanyu Kapoor - Coordinator, NZ
    • Eham Arora - Director, Young Turks
    • Vishakha Kalikar - Co-Director, Young Turks
    • Ashvind Bawa - Coordinator, Young Turks
    • Vinayak Rengan - Coordinator, Young Turks
    • Anmol Ahuja - Supervisor, Exhibitions
    • Abdullah Al Mamun - Coordinator, Bangladesh
    • Merezban Katrak - Coordinator, Middle East

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    Please refer to the Residential packages


    International Faculty

    • Dr. Aali Sheen, US
    • Dr. Abusalih Adel, Israel
    • Dr. Alessandro Carrara, Italy
    • Dr. Alex Karatassas, Australia
    • Dr. Amir Szold, Israel
    • Dr. Andrei Mihailescu, UK
    • Dr. Anders Persson, Sweden
    • Dr. Anita Jacombs, Australia
    • Dr. Ankit Patel, USA
    • Dr. Bob Bloemendaal, Netherlands
    • Dr. Brian Jacob, USA
    • Dr. Charlotte Horne, USA
    • Dr. Charu Paranjape, USA
    • Dr. Daniel Guerron, Abu Dhabi
    • Dr. Danny Rosin, Israel
    • Dr. David Chen, USA
    • Dr. David Ross, UK
    • Dr. David Wardill, Australia
    • Dr. Doron Kopelman, Israel
    • Dr. Eliad Karin, Israel
    • Dr. Elan Witkowsky, USA
    • Dr. Eric Pauli, USA
    • Dr. Eva Barbosa, Portugal
    • Dr. Federico Fiori, Italy
    • Dr. Fernando Ferreira, Portugal
    • Dr. Flavio Malcher, USA
    • Dr. Friedrich Kallinowski, Germany
    • Dr. Gereon Lill, Germany
    • Dr. Gregory Dumanian, USA
    • Dr. Hakan Kulaçoglu, Turkey
    • Dr. Hany Takla, USA
    • Dr. Harsha Chandraratna, Australia
    • Dr. Hassan Mashbari, Saudi Arabia
    • Dr. Hazan David, Israel
    • Dr. Heather Bougard, South Africa
    • Dr. Henning Niebuhr, Germany
    • Dr. Hugh McGregor, Australia
    • Dr. Jan Kukleta, Switzerland
    • Dr. Jarrod Kaufman, USA
    • Dr. John Rodriguez, Abu Dhabi
    • Dr. Jorge Daes, Colombia
    • Dr. Lars Jørgensen, Denmark
    • Dr. Mario Rui Gonçales, Portugal
    • Dr. Mauricio Zuluaga, Colombia
    • Dr. Miguel Garcia-Ureña, Spain
    • Dr. Mette Willaume, Denmark
    • Dr. Murd Bushr, Saudi Arabia
    • Dr. Paul Szotek, USA
    • Dr. Richard Lu, USA
    • Dr. Rodney Jacobs, Australia
    • Dr. Sabrina Drexel, USA
    • Dr. Sonia Ribas, Portugal
    • Dr. Sal Docimo, USA
    • Dr. Todd Heniford, USA
    • Dr. Thomas Aufenberg, Germany
    • Dr. Valentin Oprea, Romania
    • Dr. Victor Radu, Romania
    • Dr. Yohann Renard, France
    • Dr. Youri Mnouskin, Israel


    S. No. Course Name Course Venue Course Fees (INR) View Details
    1 Hiatus 101 Maulana Azad Medical College 5k + GST
    2 Robotic AWR Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 25k + GST
    3 eTEP Course Max Hospital, Vaishali 15k + GST
    4 Foundations 2.0 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 5k + GST
    5 The Body Lab RML Hospital 1.2 lacs + GST
    6 Open components course Medanta - The Medicity 5k + GST
    7 Skin & Soft Tissue management Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 5k + GST
    8 Smawrter Max Hospital, Patparganj 5k + GST
    9 X-rad R&R Hospital, Subroto Park 5k + GST
    10 Fasciotens (26 March 2023) Max Hospital, Vaishali 1 lac + GST



    The hottest thing in hernia surgery, Fasciotens is coming in a big way.

    • Close the unclosable defects with FT device
    • Learn how to use it in open, lap and robotic approaches
    • Avoid unnecessary component releases with their added time, difficulty and burden of complications
    • Become a referral point for large hernias by becoming a credentialed user and trainer. Course highlights:
    • Concept of fascial traction
    • Clinical scenarios where FT is useful
    • Practical application of the devices
    • Overview of clinical experience and outcomes
    • Live surgery

    Hiatus 101

    Learn everything you need to learn about surgery for hiatus hernias! Highlights:

    • Faculty from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
    • Top level faculty from India and other countries
    • Updated indications and approaches of various procedures
    • Overview of alternative approaches
    • Tips and tricks for better surgery Tips and tricks for better surgery /li>
    • Redo cases: ringside overview
    • Live surger


    Become better at things that matter. No, we are not talking about your surgical skills. A special course led by the smawrtest of the Young Turks, be prepared to see some older ones from across the world teach their tips for getting better. Highlights:

    • Learn your Keynote/Powerpoint
    • Hot tips to unraveling powerful hacks in your presentation app
    • Learn the tested ways of the experts to make your presentation unforgettable
    • Video editing skills to showcase your work
    • Learn to hone social media skills to make the world your stage


    A never-before event anywhere, this workshop will feature the sharpest eyes in the market, all keen to help you become better than your radiologist in interpreting ab wall images. Highlights:

    • Learn to use your DICOM
    • Measure the defects and muscles
    • Calculate the volumetric indices and plan your surgery
    • Find the mesh in your patient
    • Use imaging to impact your practice
    • Test your skills under expert guidance

    Robotic AWR

    The best in the world of robotic AWR are coming to New Delhi to teach you how to start robotic hernia surgery, including the complex ones. Highlights:

    • TAPP that! Master the workhorse of AWR, the rTAPP.
    • Robotic transabdominal Rives-Stoppa
    • Steps of rTAR
    • Planning the case: which approach, and how?
    • Pathway to improving your console time and your outcomes
    • Live surgery

    The Body Lab

    The top trainers in the world teach you the nuances of ab wall anatomy and surgical procedures. Get your hands on (literally) the best way of training AWR! Highlights:

    • Top cadaveric training coaches
    • eTEP RS/TAR
    • Open TAR
    • Endoscopic/open anterior component separation
    • Lap TAPP

    SSTM (skin and soft tissue management)

    Led by world class plastic surgeons and complex ab wall experts, this course will teach you techniques that will allow you to expand your practice.

    • Tummy tuck and abdominoplasty: indications and technical aspects
    • Managing the post-bariatric pannus
    • The angiosome concept
    • Avoiding skin flap necrosis: the ways of the expert
    • Recreating the umbilicus
    • Wound management with various commercial wound vac devices


    The expert is one who does the basics perfectly, every time. Learn how to become a hernia expert, led by global hernia experts. Highlights:

    • Approaches to groin hernias: rationale and pathway to choices
    • The perfect TEP, TAPP and IPOM
    • Troubleshooting by the maestros
    • Complications
    • Live surgery
    eTEP unlimited A high-demand course, the eTEP course would feature the best of the best, each known to be compelling teacher of the platform that has transformed hernia surgery across the planet. Highlights:
    • Choosing the patient
    • Setup requirements
    • Inguinals: from simple to complex hernias
    • Troubleshooting in eTEP inguinals
    • Ventrals: the best practice eRS
    • Simplifying the crossover: never misfire!
    • Top 10 never do’s
    • Live surgery

    Open components course

    Let the best AWR experts teach you the intricacies of doing complex reconstructions like a boss. Highlights:

    • Global experts
    • A safe way of choosing procedures and patients
    • Critical view: a technical pathway to TAR
    • Managing the previously placed mesh
    • Mesh fistulas and adhesions: how-to
    • PseudoTAR
    • The peritoneal flap
    • Live surgery



    Nov 2022

    Non Residential
    Upto 15th Nov 2022 (GST included)
    Upto 15th Dec 2022 (GST included)
    Upto 15th Feb 2023 (GST included)
    Upto 15th March 2023 (GST included)
    Spot Registration (GST included)
    PG / Resident / Fellow
    INR 7500
    INR 11000
    INR 14500
    INR 18000
    INR 22500
    AWR Members
    INR 11800
    INR 14160
    INR 17700
    INR 23600
    INR 29500
    AWR Non Members
    INR 14160
    INR 17700
    INR 23600
    INR 29500
    INR 35400
    Accompanying Person
    INR 11800
    INR 14160
    INR 17700
    INR 23600
    INR 29500


    Registration Category
    Double Room/Single Room
    Twin sharing basis with other delegate
    3 Night 4 Days Package (INR)
    AWRSC Members
    AWRSC Non Members
    2 Night 3 Days Package (INR)
    AWRSC Members
    AWRSC Non Members
    Note - Above rates are inclusive of GST

    Registration guidelines:

    Before you start:

    - In case you wish to avail the AWR member discount, please make a note of your membership number before starting this application. You will be required to input it as part of the registration process.

    - In case you wish to avail the discounted prices for PG / Resident / Fellow, please prepare a PDF copy of a letter from your HOD while starting this application. You will be required to upload it as part of the registration process.

    Registration process:

    The registration has two parts. First, you will be required to submit your personal information, proof of AWR membership/ student status and pay to secure a spot in the conference. After this, you will receive an enrolment confirmation from Surgtest via email.

    Surgtest will pass on your details to the conference organizers, who will verify your information and complete your registration. After this, you will receive a registration confirmation email from the conference organizers containing more information.

    In case you have enrolled through Surgtest and require any assistance, please email

    Contact Us, To Pay and Register