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Note: Important chapters will be pushed ahead of schedule and certain chapters might be pushed later in the schedule according to faculty convenience and importance of topics

bailey 28th T&D class schedule

12-01-2023Chapter 1Metabolic response to injury
13-01-2023Chapter 2Shock, haemorrhage and transfusion
18-01-2023Chapter 4Tissue engineering and regenerative therapies
19-01-2023Chapter 3Wound healing and tissue repair
20-01-2023Chapter 5Surgical infection
23-01-2023Chapter 6Tropical infections and infestations
24-01-2023Chapter 88Kidney transplantation and the principles of transplantation
25-01-2023Chapter 88Kidney transplantation and the principles of transplantation
26-01-2023Special session (35 to 45 minutes)Scientific ways to improve focus and attention span
27-01-2023Chapter 7Basic surgical skills

Class has been cancelled, it will be rescheduled for another day

31-01-2023Chapter 12Principles of oncology (Basics of Oncology)
01-02-2023Chapter 88Kidney transplantation and the principles of transplantation (Transplant Immunology)

Chapter 89

Liver transplantation


Chapter 8 / Chapter 90

Diagnostic imaging / Pancreas transplantation

06-02-2023Chapter 9Gastrointestinal endoscopy
07-02-2023Chapter 10Principles of minimal access surgery
08-02-2023Chapter 11Tissue and molecular diagnosis
09-02-2023Chapter 12Principles of oncology
10-02-2023Chapter 13Surgical audit and research
13-02-2023Chapter 14Ethics and law in surgical practice
14-02-2023Chapter 15Human factors, patient safety and quality improvement
15-02-2023Chapter 16Global health and surgery
16-02-2023Chapter 17Paediatric surgery
17-02-2023Chapter 18Neonatal surgery
20-02-2023Chapter 19Trauma in children
21-02-2023Chapter 20Paediatric urology
22-02-2023Chapter 21Preoperative care including the high-risk surgical patient
23-02-2023Chapter 22Day case surgery
24-02-2023Chapter 23Anaesthesia and pain relief
27-02-2023Chapter 24Postoperative care
28-02-2023Chapter 25Nutrition and fluid therapy
01-03-2023Chapter 26Introduction to trauma
02-03-2023Chapter 27Early assessment and management of severe trauma
03-03-2023Chapter 28Traumatic brain injury
06-03-2023Chapter 29Torso and pelvic trauma
07-03-2023Chapter 30The neck and spine
09-03-2023Chapter 31Maxillofacial trauma
10-03-2023Chapter 32Extremity trauma
13-03-2023Chapter 33Disaster surgery
14-03-2023Chapter 34Conflict surgery
15-03-2023Chapter 35History taking and clinical examination in musculoskeletal disease
16-03-2023Chapter 36Sports medicine and sports injuries
17-03-2023Chapter 37The spine
20-03-2023Chapter 38The upper limb
21-03-2023Chapter 39The hip
22-03-2023Chapter 40The knee
23-03-2023Chapter 41The foot and ankle
24-03-2023Chapter 42Musculoskeletal tumours
27-03-2023Chapter 43Infection of the bones and joints
28-03-2023Chapter 44Paediatric orthopaedics
29-03-2023Chapter 45Skin and subcutaneous tissue
30-03-2023Chapter 46Burns
31-03-2023Chapter 47Plastic and reconstructive surgery
03-04-2023Chapter 48Cranial neurosurgery
04-04-2023Chapter 49The eye and orbit
05-04-2023Chapter 50Developmental abnormalities of the face, mouth and jaws: cleft lip and
06-04-2023Chapter 51The ear, nose and sinuses
07-04-2023Chapter 52The pharynx, larynx and neck
10-04-2023Chapter 53Oral cavity cancer
11-04-2023Chapter 54Disorders of the salivary glands
12-04-2023Chapter 55The thyroid gland
13-04-2023Chapter 56The parathyroid glands
14-04-2023Chapter 57The adrenal glands and other abdominal endocrine disorders
17-04-2023Chapter 58The breast
18-04-2023Good fridayHoliday
19-04-2023Chapter 59Cardiac surgery
20-04-2023Chapter 60The thorax
21-04-2023Chapter 61Arterial disorders
24-04-2023Chapter 62Venous and lymphatic disorders
25-04-2023Chapter 63History and examination of the abdomen
26-04-2023Chapter 64The abdominal wall, hernia and umbilicus
27-04-2023Chapter 65The peritoneum, mesentery, greater omentum and retroperitoneal space
28-04-2023Chapter 66The oesophagus
01-05-2023Chapter 67The stomach and duodenum
02-05-2023Chapter 68Bariatric and metabolic surgery
03-05-2023Chapter 69The liver
04-05-2023Chapter 70The spleen
05-05-2023Chapter 71The gallbladder and bile ducts
08-05-2023Chapter 72The pancreas
09-05-2023Chapter 73Functional disorders of the intestine
10-05-2023Chapter 74The small intestine
11-05-2023Chapter 75Inflammatory bowel disease
12-05-2023Chapter 76The vermiform appendix
15-05-2023Chapter 77The large intestine
16-05-2023Chapter 78Intestinal obstruction
17-05-2023Chapter 79The rectum
18-05-2023Chapter 80The anus and anal canal
19-05-2023Chapter 81Urinary symptoms and investigations
22-05-2023Chapter 82The kidney and ureter
23-05-2023Chapter 83The urinary bladder
24-05-2023Chapter 84The prostate and seminal vesicles
25-05-2023Chapter 85The urethra and penis
26-05-2023Chapter 86The testis and scrotum
29-05-2023Chapter 87Gynaecology
30-05-2023Chapter 91Intestinal and multivisceral transplantation
31-05-2023Chapter 92Heart and lung transplantation
  • Updates from all the 92 chapters of the 28th edition of Bailey & Love will be covered. If there are no updates, key points will be revised.
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How will the Bailey 28th T&D classes take place?

The classes will take place online over Zoom.

Will video recordings be made available?

Yes, video recordings of all Bailey 28th T&D course sessions will be made available to students enrolled in the Bailey 28th T&D course free of charge. Students enrolled in this T&D course need not pay an additional fee to access recordings.

When will video recordings be made available?

The recording of each session could take a couple of weekdays to be edited & uploaded on the app.

How long will I have access to video recordings?

You will have access to the Bailey 28th T&D session recordings until the NEETSS 2023 exam takes place.

Can I download the Bailey 28th T&D course recordings for viewing later?

No, the recordings can only be streamed from the Surgtest app.
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