Our Team

The Team

Suprabha Hosamane


Suprabha is our current CEO and head of all business operations. She brings to Surgtest the experience gained from building two other education start-ups from scratch. In her free time, she can be found polishing her Korean and Mandarin Chinese language skills.

Dr.Gopi Ramu


GI surgeon in training who is pursuing Surgical Gastroenterology at a top hospital in India. He is the brains behind the venture who has created some of our most highly acclaimed content. He has shown the path by securing a top rank in NEET SS



Pediatric surgeon in training and a technology enthusiast whose interests range from artificial intelligence to crypto currencies. He is also an independent journalist and writer who founded the thestonebench.com
He has trained numerous students for the MRCS and NEET SS exams. He has a strong interest in global surgery.
Surgtest CMO

Dr. Arularasu


Doctor who is a serial entrepreneur, expert in Digital marketing(IIM) and Healthcare Management. Founder of Neuraxispro and Metaconsult. Likes to read Personal finance books. Believes not taking any risk is the biggest risk.