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Premium NEET SS preparation app that comes with powerful, in-built features to save time and optimize your preparation.

Easy to use / Convenient

Mobile, on-demand learning that fits in your pocket. Solve questions or watch videos even between hospital rounds/ between surgeries.


See your individual performance statistics against other users

Powerful features

Filter and bookmark questions so you can repeatedly target questions you have answered wrong in the past, track your statistics and maximise the impact of your time spent studying.

NEET SS Preparation

Why Surgtest?

Get the best of both worlds: high-quality content along with expert guidance.
Tailored for your requirements with pre-recorded lectures and live courses.
Try before you buy - Free trials of all MCQ Banks and Video Lecture Series
MCQ Banks have test mode and practice mode - Learn more
No limits on the number of times you attempt the MCQ Bank or view Video Lectures
Detailed performance analysis.
Study anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.
Get your doubts clarified directly from the subject experts.
Available on for Android and iOS

Student Experience Matters

Everything - right from the ease of using the app and the quality of content is constantly monitored to be student-centric.
The Best app for NEET SS Preparation

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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I contact Surgtest?
You can either email us at info@surgtest.com or chat with us on whatsapp at +91 91768 80111
What is the difference between a 3 month/ 6 month and a 1 year subscription?
The only difference between a 3 month/ 6 month subscription and the 1 year subscription is the duration you can access the study material. There is no difference in the study material itself.
What is the difference between the test mode and practice mode for MCQ Banks?
In practice mode, you can attempt a question and immediately check the answer and explanation. In test mode, you can choose how many questions you want to study and attempt all of them. After attempting the questions, you can view the answers and explanations. You get analytics too.

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