Mastering ENT for NEET SS with Surgtest


ENT has been considered an ‘end branch’ since always, making it a popular choice among medical students as a speciality. But as we are advancing in every field, ENT surgeons now have the option to specialise in operating head and neck cancer cases specifically. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Super Speciality (NEET SS) is an exam which gives the aspiring Head and Neck Onco surgeons an opportunity to fulfil their dreams. ENT Surgeons and General surgeons both compete for NEET SS Head and Neck surgery, making it all the more important to strengthen the concepts of ENT in order to excel. And the comprehensive MCQ bank of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery by Surgtest can aid the post graduate students to sharpen their concepts and prepare them for one of the toughest and most competitive exams in the country.

NEET SS Exam Pattern

There are a total of 150 questions, with 4 marks for each correct answer and 1 negative mark for each wrong answer. The time provided is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

List of MCh Specialisations after MD/DNB ENT

How can Surgtest MCQ Bank Help?

Surgtest ENT MCQ bank offers several features that make it not only an invaluable tool for the preparation of NEET SS, but also serve the purpose of imbibing the learner’s brain with critical information in the most passive way. The question bank is designed in such a way that during the process of solving a topic, the learner will get thorough with everything they need to know about from that given topic. This not only helps academically but also clinically. As it is said that the brain sees what it knows, the clinical scenario based questions in the question bank aim at challenging the problem solving skills of our doctors and make them ready for every situation, both during the exams and in real life while dealing with real patients.
Our comprehensive question bank has more than 100 questions in each topic making it the largest available question bank for NEET SS. Each question is curated from the point of view of an examiner and carries a detailed explanation to make the aspirant understand the concepts better. The question bank is also undergoing updates on a weekly basis.

Surgtest ENT Qbank is Based on:-

How to Make the Best out of the Best?

It’s important to read each question carefully and try to answer it before looking at the options, as this encourages critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. After answering, review the explanations for both the correct and incorrect options. This helps in identifying patterns in your thinking and understanding the examiners’ approach to question framing. After completing one topic, quickly skim through the standard books to revise the points which have not been discussed in the question bank.
But Surgtest is not just about passing exams; it’s about excelling in real-life situations. The clinical scenario-based questions are your secret weapon, honing your problem-solving skills for the challenges you’ll face with actual patients. Surgtest goes beyond rote learning – it’s about understanding concepts deeply.
We are also crafting anew set of ENT for NEET SS video lectures which will be launched really soon.
Choose Surgtest for a seamless NEET SS journey. It’s more than a question bank; it’s your gateway to mastering ENT topics and confidently tackling the complexities of medical practice. Don’t just pass – excel with Surgtest.