Gynaec Oncology video lecture

Gynaec Oncology video lecture series

Based on the 7th edition of Berek & Hacker and NCCN guidelines

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Over 40 hours of well curated lectures that cover core concepts in Gynaecological oncology for NEET SS. The course is conducted by Surgtest expert Gynaec-oncologists who have carefully analysed the NEET SS & AIIMS exam patterns and crafted the lectures so that you can make maximise use of your time in preparation. The course is based on the latest editions of NCCN guidelines and Berek & Hacker.

Based on

The Gynaec Oncology video lecture series is based on the 7th edition of Berek & Hacker and NCCN guidelines

Expert Teaching

Meet our panel of MCh qualified, expert faculty who are well versed with the trends of competitive exams such as the NEET SS Gynaec Oncology and Reproductive Medicine exam, AIIMS, JIPMER and PGI Super Speciality Examinations

Dr Pinnaka Vamsi

MS(OBG), DNB(OBG), Mch(Gynaec oncology)

Dr Alka Singh

MD(OBG), Mch (Gynaec oncology)

Dr Vineet Nakra

DNB (Radiation Oncology)
Neet SS Gynaec Oncology Video Lecture Series

video course covers

General Gynaec Oncology
Cervical Cancers
Ovarian Cancer
Uterine Cancer
Vulva Cancer
Recent WHO FGT Updates
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Radiations in Gynaec Cancers
Basics In Oncology

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Ovarian cancer for NEET SS Gynaec Oncology

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