Urology video lecture

Urology video lecture series

Based on the 12th edition of Campbell Urology

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Over 50 hours of well curated lectures that cover core concepts in Genito-urinary Surgery for NEET SS. The course is conducted by Surgtest expert Urologists who have carefully analysed the NEET SS & AIIMS exam patterns and crafted the lectures so that you can make maximise use of your time in preparation. The course is based on the latest 12th edition of Campbell Urology.

Based on

The Urology video lecture series is based on the 12th edition of Campbell Urology

Expert Teaching

Meet the MCh qualified chief faculty of the NEET SS Urology course, who’ll guide you through all the topics you need to be thorough with to ace the NEET SS Urology, AIIMS, JIPMER and PGI Super Speciality Examinations

Dr. Farooq - Chief Mentor

MS, MCH (Urology)
Dr J Mohammed Farooq MS, MCh (Urology) is a gold medallist and topper, Madras Medical College. An experienced teacher for NEET SS favoured by students for his ability to explain complex concepts in the most simple and lucid manner.
Dr Farooq is one of the most academic surgeons in the field of urology with a whole rack of gold medals in his name. He brings to you a combination of youth and expertise to teaching in Urology.

video course covers


Urological Anatomy

Renal Physiology

Renal Pathophysiology

Urological pharmacology

Basic Principles

Molecular & Cellular Biology

Penile & Urethral Disease

Renal Transplantation

Reproductive & Sexual Function

Male Genitalia

Testicular Disease

Bladder Disease

Infections & Inflammation


Ureter Carcinoma

Adrenal Diseases

Prostate – Benign enlargement + Infections (Prostatitis)

Kidney - Benign & Malignant diseases

Urological trauma

Carcinoma Prostate

Pediatric Urology: Embryology, Lower, Upper Urinary Tract Disease, Oncology, Genitalia

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