Choosing the right Surgtest question bank for various OBG super specialty exams

This article explains the differences between the super specialty MCQ Banks available on the Surgtest app for OBG aspirants.

Surgtest MCQ Bank For NEET SS OBG Aspirants


This MCQ Bank has more than 1,500 MCQs with answers and explanations based on the latest editions of Williams Obstetrics, Shaw Gynecology, Berek & Hacker Gynaec Oncology & Kamini Rao Reproductive Medicine.
This is ideal and sufficient for most NEET SS OBG candidates because as per the 2023 NEET SS pattern, candidates aiming for super specialty seats in Gyaec Oncology and Reproductive medicine & surgery will take the same NEET SS exam consisting largely of OBG MCQs. More information on the exam pattern for NEET SS OBG here.
Considering the fact that there are only two super specialties to choose from after clearing the NEET SS OBG exam, questions from Gynaec Oncology and Reproductive Medicine can be expected. This is why, if you are aiming for a top rank where even 1 wrong answer can impact your rank, we highly recommend solving MCQs from the OBG MCQ Bank, Gynaec Oncology MCQ Bank and Reproductive Medicine.

Gynaec Oncology MCQs for NEET SS

This MCQ Bank has more than 1,000 MCQs with answers and explanations. MCQs in the Gynaec Oncology MCQ Bank are based on the 7th edition of Berek & Hacker and NCCN guidelines
This MCQ Bank is recommended for students taking the Gyanec Oncology INI SS exam and fellowship exams such as FET/FNB

Reproductive Medicine MCQs for NEET SS

This MCQ Bank has more than 858 MCQs with answers and explanations. The MCQs are based on the latest edition of Kamini Rao Reproductive medicine textbook & Speroff’s Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility, 9th edition.
This MCQ Bank is well suited for aspirants preparing for INI SS Reproductive Medicine exam and theFET/FNB fellowship exams.


Can I opt for any MCQ Bank I want? Or do I have to take packages?

We take pride in letting you subscribe individually to the MCQ Bank/ video lecture series you need and do not force you to opt for bulk/ package subscriptions.

What subscription plans are available?

Any MCQ Bank can be opted for as a 3 month/ 6 month/ 1 year subscription. You can download the Surgtest app and subscribe to the MCQ Bank of your choice directly on the Surgtest app – available on both the Google Play store and the iOS store.

What is the difference between a 3 month/ 6 month/ 1 year subscription?

There is no difference in the MCQs available in the 3 month, 6 month and 1 year subscription plan. The only difference is how long you will have access to the MCQs.

Can I solve Surgtest MCQs on a desktop?

No. Surgtest is a mobile application. It cannot be used on a PC/Laptop/ Desktop.
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