NEET SS OBG 2023: What every Mch OBG aspirant needs to know while starting to prepare

Preparing for a competitive exam such as the NEET SS can simply be broken down into these parts: Knowing what will be tested, finding the right tools and acquiring the skills in a timely manner. In this blog, we delve into these aspects in more detail because we want to see you get your dream OBG for MCh seat.

Who can take the NEET SS OBG exam?

Aspirants from MD/MS/DNB Obstetrics and Gynecology interested in super specializing in Gynaec Oncology or Reproductive Medicine & Surgery will both appear for the same NEET SS OBG 2023 exam.

What is the exam pattern for NEETSS OBG?

The NEET SS 2023 exam for OBG super specialty entrance will consist of 150 MCQs from OBG which need to be attempted in 150 minutes (2 1⁄2 hours) duration. Time is of essence in this exam.
Students are awarded 4 marks for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer. There is no deduction for unattempted questions.

What will be tested in the NEET SS exam for OBG group?

As per the latest pattern, the 2023 NEET SS OBG exam is expected to largely have questions from general OBG. But given the fact that the common exam branches out to only two super specialities – i.e, Gynaec Oncology or Reproductive Medicine & Surgery – candidates aiming for top ranks are encouraged to also cover topics from Gynaec Oncology and Reproductive medicine in their preparation.
Let’s face it – in competitive exams like the NEET SS, every MCQ answered correctly makes a huge difference for top ranks, doesn’t it?

What are some important dates and deadlines for OBG NEET SS 2023 aspirants?

As of the notice published by NBE on the 5th of May, 2023, the tentative dates for the NEET SS 2023 exam are 9th & 10th of September 2023.

How should the NEETSS 2023 exam pattern affect my preparation strategy?

Having to solve 150 MCQs in 150 minutes means that both speed and accuracy are valuable traits to cultivate leading upto the day of the exam.
This means that simply reading through OBG textbooks and understanding the theory might not adequately prepare you to look at 4 answer choices for every MCQ and choose the one correct answer in under 1 minute for each question.

Which Obg textbooks should I read for NEET SS Preparation?

Be thorough with the latest editions of Williams Obstetrics, Shaw Gynecology, Berek & Hacker, Gynaec Oncology & Kamini Rao Reproductive medicine.

P.S: The OBG for MCh MCQ Bank has more than 1500 questions from across these textbooks.

What’s the best way forward? How to cultivate the time management skills for acing the competitive NEETSS exam?

The ideal way to prepare is by splitting your study timeline between learning the theory, testing yourself and analysing your errors. Here, awareness of your learning style becomes very useful.
Do you learn faster by watching video lectures and making your own notes? Do you learn better by attempting MCQs straightaway? Or are you more engaged when you straightaway attempt MCQs and learn from looking at the answers and explanations to learn from your mistakes? If you aren’t sure, please avail the free trial of the OBG for MCh video lecture series and the OBG for MCh MCQ Bank on the Surgtest app to figure what works best for you.

P.S: All Surgtest MCQs are accompanied by answers and explanations. You can even bookmark any MCQ and revisit them at a later time!

P.S: All Surgtest MCQs are accompanied by answers and explanations. You can even bookmark any MCQ and revisit them at a later time!

Where do I connect with peers I have doubts about the exam/counselling/resources?

We have an exclusive whatsapp community where discussions are held/seminars or webinars are announced for the benefit of OBG aspirants. To get the link to the whatsapp group, please email the Surgtest team at

Need help staying motivated?

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