NEET SS Study Plan: Final 45 days to prepare for the NEET SS Exam

About The NEET SS Examination-

The NEET SS which stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Super Speciality Courses) has been announced recently (September 1st and 2nd). The National Board of Education conducts the exam for admission to various DM/ MCh courses. It is time to pull up your socks and give your best. Pump up your NEET SS Preparation in the remaining time.
Surgtest understands the pressures Doctors face as they try to juggle their work and exam preparations. Surgtest is dedicated to helping Doctors prepare for the NEET SS examination.
It offers preparatory resources like Video lectures, MCQ Banks, Test Packs, etc covering all super specialties- General Surgery, General Medicine, OBGY, etc. These resources are up-to-date and follow the NEET SS guidelines. They are created by qualified and experienced faculty. Accelerate your NEET SS exam preparation with these resources.
The NEET SS examination contains 150 MCQs that need to be solved within 2.5 hours. Check the new pattern of the exam before you start preparing for the examination. Be aware of the marking scheme to be able to solve the question paper smartly.

NEET SS Study Plan: The last 45 days to prepare for NEET SS Surgery

As the NEET SS Examination comes closer, we bring you tips to prepare for it in the last 45 days. This 45-day period would prove helpful in terms of your exam preparation.
  1. The first step is assessing yourself and the preparation you have done till now. Use the Surgtest MCQ Bank to test your knowledge. You can select the topics you want to solve questions from along with the number of questions you want. Get an idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  2. Based on your self-assessment and the number of hours you have per day (minimum 4-6 hours) to study, prepare a proper schedule to utilize the time well.
  3. Divide your day into parts and assign yourself realistic tasks respectively. Stay on schedule to avoid piling work and getting overwhelmed by it.
  4. Revision of all the topics is important. Do not neglect any topic as it might be crucial to answering a question in the exam. The first round of revision should be completed in the first 25 days. The second round would be easier and can be completed in the next 10 days. Include solving as many MCQs as possible in the second round. The last 5 days of preparation should just be about going back to those MCQs which have been marked as important. Keep assessing your knowledge after every round.
  5. Revise each and every topic thoroughly. Concentrate on those points which you haven’t understood properly and try to clarify your doubts as soon as possible.
  6. Take adequate breaks between your study sessions. Relax your mind by listening to music, watching an episode of a comfort series, reading fiction, etc. Do not burn yourself out before the exam.
  7. Refer to Bailey and Love, Schwartz and Sabiston as you revise the theory. Revise every topic from Bailey and Love, especially orthopedics. Focus on GI surgery, transplant, and fetal surgery. Study Endocrine Surgery from Schwartz. Highlight and mark difficult points. Divide sections according to their difficulty and the time you have.
  8. Dedicate 80% of your time to studying Surgery. Spend at least 5 days preparing for GI Surgery. Add more days to the preparation if you feel you do not have a good grip on it.
  9. Improvise your methods of studying to avoid boredom. Switch topics or modes of study as it might prevent monotony. Change of place can work as well. Increase your stamina step by step and utilize the hours you are most receptive to studying difficult topics.
  10. Along with studying theory, solve more than enough MCQ Banks and keep attempting as many questions as possible. Solve the previous year’s question paper as well. You can solve MCQs in your free time between OTs or on the way to and from work.
  11. Adhere to the time limit while solving questions. It can be a deciding factor while completing the NEET SS examination.
More time conserving tips can be found in the following video as you strategise your preparation for NEET SS in 45 days

Most important-

Your NEET SS Study plan would keep you on track as you try to achieve your goal. While revising the topics, spend more time-solving MCQs.
Solve at least 50-75 MCQs each day. You would learn more in a short amount of time if you do so. Mark important points that come up in the MCQs. Revise those points just a few days before the NEET SS exam.
Video lectures would also help you prepare for the exam quickly. Check out updated video lectures based on Sabiston- Gynaecology, Transplant, CTVS, Ortho. There are quite a few new topics covered in the video lectures that might not be present in Bailey and Love. You would be saving 4-5 days of preparation as you watch video lectures
The Surgtest General Surgery Grand Test Pack contains 5 tests each with 150 questions according to the latest NEET SS pattern. Each grand test can be attempted only once and needs to be completed within 48 hours. Questions are from standard textbooks and are a mix with regard to the difficulty level. Each correct answer will get you + 4 marks and a wrong answer will fetch you -1 mark. Get your lifetime access now!
So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Google Playstore or iOS store and Download the Surgtest App! Save time with video lectures and MCQ Banks as the NEET SS Surgery gets closer.
Best Wishes!!
Team Surgtest
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Dr Gopi Ramu is Surgtest founder and MCh GI SGE resident