Ace Your NEET Exam with the 100-Day Harrison Challenge: Expert Insights and Strategies for Success

I. Introduction

Are you a dedicated NEET aspirant searching for an innovative and comprehensive approach to your exam preparation? The 100-Day Harrison Challenge offers an all-inclusive platform designed to elevate your NEET journey with subject specialists delivering valuable insights, proven test strategies, and interactive discussions. Discover how this unique challenge can help you achieve your NEET goals and excel in your medical career.

What is the 100-Day Harrison Challenge?

The 100-Day Harrison Challenge, devised by a team of seasoned subject specialists, is an all-encompassing learning program tailored for NEET candidates. This challenge aims to enhance your exam preparation by offering in-depth discussions, effective test-taking techniques, and daily practice questions that cover crucial topics in General Medicine

Key Features of the 100-Day Harrison Challenge

Expert-Led Discussions:

Alongside subject discussions, our experts will share time-tested strategies and techniques to confidently tackle the NEET exam. These tips will empower you to manage your time efficiently, systematically approach questions, and ultimately improve your overall performance.

Result-Oriented Test Strategies:

The questions are written by experienced medical professionals, previous year toppers and are designed to closely mimic the style and difficulty of the actual NEET SS exam. This means that by practicing with the Surgtest question bank, students gain valuable exposure to the types of questions they will encounter on the test day.

Daily Practice Questions for Consistent Progress:

The 100-Day Harrison Challenge includes offer on General Medicine Question bank which enables you filter questions to daily practice questions covering a range of topics and question types to reinforce your understanding and track your progress. This regular practice will help you identify your strengths and areas needing improvement, allowing you to concentrate on weak points.

Interactive Learning Sessions:

To create a more engaging and dynamic learning experience, our subject specialists facilitate interactive sessions that encourage active student participation. These sessions offer a platform to ask questions, clarify doubts, and discuss concepts with experts and fellow NEET aspirants, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Comprehensive Study Material discussed in TnD:

The 100-Day Harrison TnD Session will be provided in the form of pdf/ppt as a soft copy in the surgtest app for all the course subscribers. These resources serve as a valuable reference during revision sessions and aid in retaining essential information.


The 100-Day Harrison Challenge is an unparalleled learning experience designed to help NEET aspirants excel in their exam preparation. With expert-led discussions, efficient test strategies, daily practice questions from General Medicine Question bank, and study materials that are used in TnD sessions, this program will be your beacon of guidance on the road to NEET success.
Don’t miss this opportunity – Join the 100-Day Harrison Challenge and embark on a rewarding journey towards your medical aspirations!
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