Your Ultimate Guide to NEET SS Preparation: 75 Days to Achieve Your Dream DM Course

If you’re an aspiring medical professional looking to join a super-specialty DM course including DM Pulmonary Medicine or DM Critical Care Medicine, cracking the NEET SS is essential. However, with only 75 days to go until the exam, the pressure can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we at Surgtest will provide you with the right strategy, you can still turn the tables in your favor and achieve your dream NEET SS Medicine. Here, we will guide you on how to prepare for NEET SS in the last 75 days using the best NEET SS coaching and resources

Lets Build a Structured Study Plan

To begin with, ensure that your NEET SS preparation includes a well-structured study plan. Dedicate the first few days of this plan to identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and divide the remaining days into focused study sessions. This time should include a thorough revision of high yield notes of Harrison where each chapter is broken down into high yield points.

let's delve into the detailed 75-day plan:

Day 1 - 25: Getting Familiar

The initial phase of your journey should be spent on comprehending the course structure and syllabus, revisiting the NEET SS coaching you have received, and planning your study schedule. Leverage the comprehensive NEET SS courses, with a particular focus on DM MCQs, to strengthen your foundational knowledge.

Day 26 - 50: Intense Revision

This middle phase should be entirely dedicated to an in-depth revision of all subjects. Utilize the Surgtest’s high yield notes of Harrison, breaking down each chapter into digestible, high yield points. The Surgtest’s 100-day Harrison TND will provide a structure for your revision. It will also help you identify areas where you need more practice.

Day 51 - 70: Practice & Evaluation

Now that you are comfortable with the syllabus, it’s time to practice. Devote these days to solving the General Medicine Qbank questions. This phase should be all about application and evaluation. Take the grand test 3 and also the two additional live grand tests in July and August. The best NEET SS coaching will focus on test-taking strategies, and these grand tests are a perfect opportunity to apply them.

Day 71 - 75: Last-minute Preparations

This period should be for last-minute revision and maintaining a calm state of mind. Keep revisiting the high yield notes and take Surgtest most sort after “Kahoot small quizzes” to keep your memory sharp.

100-Day Harrison TND

Leverage the Surgtest’s most popular 100-day Harrison Textbook of Internal Medicine Test and Discussion (TND) plan. Even though we have less than 75 days, you can compact this plan and focus on the most critical topics. Harrison’s TND is renowned for its comprehensive, yet simplified approach to complex medical concepts, making it a perfect tool for NEET SS preparation

Utilize the General Medicine QBank

Next, make the most of the General Medicine QBank, which features over 3000+ questions. Practicing MCQs consistently will help you grasp the nuances of each subject better. This is especially crucial for DM MCQs as they form a significant part of the exam. Regular practice can drastically improve your speed, accuracy, and confidence.

Enroll in NEET SS Courses

The Best NEET SS coaching and NEET SS courses. These will help streamline your preparation and provide a clear understanding of what to expect in the examination. Make sure to select a course that suits your learning style and preferences.

Mock Tests and Grand Tests

In addition to the daily study routine, include regular mock tests in your plan. Two more Live Grand Tests will be available in July and August. These tests provide a realistic exam environment and help you understand your performance levels. The Grand Test 3 should be part of your test series, too. Analyzing your performance in these tests can give you insights into areas you need to focus on more.

High Yield Notes

The High yield notes of Harrison’s textbook are a gold mine for NEET SS aspirants. They simplify each chapter into high yield points, making it easier to understand and remember complex concepts. These notes are particularly useful for DM Medicine, DM Pulmonary Medicine, and DM Critical Care aspirants.

The NEET SS preparation requires dedicated focus and effective planning. Look for the best NEET SS coaching to guide you in the right direction. Whether you’re preparing for DM Pulmonary Medicine, DM Critical Care Medicine, or simply the General Medicine course, the right strategy and resources can make all the difference. Embrace this period of hard work, and remember that the journey is just as significant as the destination.
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